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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It was a successful Open House at the Renascence School

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson
The Renascence School International  enjoyed opening the doors last Tuesday night to the public and school families for their annual Open House.  This was a wonderful opportunity for the public to learn more about the Renascence School Advantage. RSI was built on advanced academics and when you combine that with their strong language immersion program in Chinese, Spanish and English, you will see that this school is a unique opportunity for families looking for a school to prepare their children to compete globally.

At the event, there were performances by some of the students and a presentation to give the public a more in-depth look at the RSI Advantage. Families were able to tour the school and engage with the teachers and administration in classrooms and over light refreshments on the patio.

Renascence-school-open-house-a Renascence-school-open-house-12 Renascence-school-open-house-5
Renascence-school-open-house-6 Renascence-school-open-house-d Renascence-school-open-house-2
Renascence-school-open-house-13 Renascence-school-open-house-h Renascence-school-open-house-c
Renascence-school-open-house-7 Renascence-school-open-house-f Renascence-school-open-house-14
Renascence-school-open-house-e Renascence-school-open-house-1 Renascence-school-open-house-17
Renascence-school-open-house-8 Renascence-school-open-house-b Renascence-school-open-house-9
Renascence-school-open-house-16 Renascence-school-open-house-15 Renascence-school-open-house-g
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