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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Students at RSIOC celebrate Día de los Niños!

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson

In Latin America, April 30th is a day to celebrate and honor children as the hopes and dreams of all in the community.  At the Renascence School International students spent the day doing activities that were fun and develop skills, centering around the children’s interests.  Students learn through hands on activities that are exciting and engaging.  The goal of RSI is to inspire a new generation of leaders and achievers.  Playing games and having fun is an important part of learning! 


The Preschool students made their own playdough and pretend snow. The Elementary students enjoyed eating popcorn and playing with Legos. Some of the future ideas are flying kites, piñata and other outdoor games.  We are looking forward to making it an annual tradition to celebrate children!

kid    kid    kid

kid    kid    kid


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