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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Smiling faces and colorful eggs – making memories at RSIOC

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson
The students had a wonderful time at the annual RSIOC egg hunt. Spring weather was the perfect backdrop for some fun outdoors. A few students who are enrolled for next year came to join in on the fun!  The kids enjoyed hunting for the eggs and making seasonal crafts along with teachers, staff and some of the families.


renascence_private_school_easter_b renascence_private_school_easter_5 renascence_private_school_easter_11
renascence_private_school_easter_6 renascence_private_school_easter_g renascence_private_school_easter_8
renascence_private_school_easter_4 renascence_private_school_easter_12 renascence_private_school_easter_c
renascence_private_school_easter_10 renascence_private_school_easter_d renascence_private_school_easter_7
renascence_private_school_easter_f renascence_private_school_easter_1 renascence_private_school_easter_2
renascence_private_school_easter_3 renascence_private_school_easter_e renascence_private_school_easter_9
renascence_private_school_easter_h                      renascence_private_school_easter_a
renascence_private_school_easter_i                      renascence_private_school_easter_j
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