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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Science & Magic: Kids Who Ask Why? RSI Summer Camp 2018

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson

Science & Magic: Kids Who Ask Why? A trilingual summer camp that is both academically challenging and fun for your kids! The Renascence School International in Orange County, has a unique summer camp that offers Chinese and Spanish (language immersion), academic enrichment, sports activities, performing arts, and S.T.E.M. (Science. Technology. Engineering. Math) classes.

The Renascence summer program is dedicated to transforming students into great leaders, and giving  them tools they will need to make an impact in the 21st century. As a part of our program this year, RSI offers two exciting new classes!

Strategic Magic. This magical class promotes public speaking through the performance art of magic! Students will learn 1-2 magic tricks each week and craft some of their own magic gear. Curriculum is designed to fit the needs of all skill levels. Strategic Magic Teaches and Helps Children with: Performance, Public Speaking, Gaining Confidence, Competing Well, Visualizing Results, Developing Patience & Having Fun!

Engineering with Legos.
This class will get students working with LEGO®s while teaching a variety of engineering topics. Children will learn organizational and fine motor skills, as well as teamwork and other life strategies! This course will help students discover gears, pulleys and more. Some Concepts Taught: Observation, Gears, Reasoning Skills,Wheels and Axles, Critical Thinking, Levers and Pulleys.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity! There are two summer sessions, June 25 – July 20 and July 23 – August 17. For more information: Summer Camp Flyer and Registration

This flyer is also available in Chinese: Summer Camp Flyer and Registration (Chinese)

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