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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

RSIOC students perform at the Irvine Global Village Festival

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson cover1

Renascence School International students took the main stage at the Irvine Global Village Festival on Saturday performing in three different languages, Chinese, Spanish and English. Students dressed in traditional Chinese clothing, sang in Chinese and performed a choreographed dance to the music. The children sang loudly and proudly in Spanish clapping and moving to the music.This is the third time RSIOC has performed at the Global Village Festival. This festival offers something for everyone, and is a multicultural event attracting huge crowds. Families had a great time and enjoyed the variety of countries represented, many of which had international music, dance, food, and displays as a way of showcasing Irvine’s cultural diversity.


renascence_school_irvine_global_village_festival11    renascence_school_irvine_global_village_festivalc    renascence_school_irvine_global_village_festival8

renascence_school_irvine_global_village_festival1    renascence_school_irvine_global_village_festivala    renascence_school_irvine_global_village_festival12

renascence_school_irvine_global_village_festival13    renascence_school_irvine_global_village_festivalb    renascence_school_irvine_global_village_festival9

renascence_school_irvine_global_village_festival10    renascence_school_irvine_global_village_festivale    renascence_school_irvine_global_village_festival2


Here are some video links of the RSIOC student performances.





Here is a video of Ms. Lin’s performance. (Ms. Lin taught the Chinese folk dance to the students).

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