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Thursday, April 30, 2015

RSIOC helps parents find balance for their son


I am not in marketing. In fact, the marketing committee at RSI was formed by a few moms and lasted a year. The moms asked other parents to voluntarily write comments about the school. There was no coercion to do it. My youngest has been attending for 2 years and is flourishing with the curriculum, atmosphere and with the teachers. My oldest son has focus and attention issues. The director Carrie has helped me in numerous ways to find a balance for my son. This year is more challenging so she hired a private tutor for him during school time. She was awesome. Unfortunately she’s leaving for a few months but Carrie went out of her way to recommend Skype tutor time with the tutor and my son.

The curriculum itself is pretty rigorous. But the majority of the kids absorbs all the information like sponges. My kids are learning so much. The school is not perfect, it is still relatively new (that is why I’m giving it a 4 star). I have talked to other parents that attend other immersion program schools and by far, this is the best one in OC. Definitely tour the school, talk to the parents, have your child sit in for one day and you are allowed to sit in a class as well.

– a parent

– Great Schools review – posted February 27, 2015


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