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Monday, May 11, 2015

RSIOC celebrates Día De Los Niños!

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson

The students enjoyed a fun day in school celebrating the Latin holiday, Día De Los Niños, also referred to as Children’s Day. The elementary students learned to make soap with their Spanish teacher. All instruction was given in Spanish and the students asked all of their questions in Spanish. There was lots of laughter in between. The soaps created were given out to the Moms on Mother’s Day!

The Preschool students enjoyed tasting all kinds of colorful fruit that they learned about in class. They intertwined between reviewing the Spanish vocabularies of the fruit and eating them. Yes, there were lots of giggles there too. Isn’t that what children should be doing on Children’s Day?

Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_e Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_5 Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_1
Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_3 Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_b Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_10
Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_7 Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_9 Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_f
Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_c Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_4 Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_8
Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_2 Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_d Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_6
Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_a Renascence_school_private_school_Spanish_aa
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