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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

RSI welcomed students from China

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson

The Renascence School was excited to welcome two groups of international students from China to their campus this month. One group of students came and visited our school for one day. They held a joint performance with RSI students at the end of the day. The visiting students performed Chinese songs, Chinese Kung Fu, and played drums to disco tunes. RSI students performed Chinese traditional folk dances, as well as a dance to the tune of Uptown Funk while students played the cajon, a box shaped percussion instrument that is played like a drum.

The second group of students spent an entire week with our students. They attended class each day with our students and had a wonderful time playing and learning more about one another’s culture. They even teamed up and created a new country together! One of the RSI students enjoyed showing off his Chinese yo-yo skills to the visiting Chinese students. There was lots of laughter and memories made as students from both countries benefited from this cultural exchange.

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