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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

RSI honors Ms. Charlotte Peng for her outstanding dedication

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson

This month the Renascence School International would like to recognize Ms. Charlotte Peng for her dedication to RSI and all of the hard work she has put in over the years. Ms. Peng is always happy to help any staff in any situation. She puts the needs of others and the school first, and her commitment to excellence shows in everything she does.
Ms. Peng handles all of the tedious, back-end administrative work with a smile on her face. She ensures administration and staff are taken care of, and the day to day operations run smoothly. Ms. Peng is well respected and liked by her co-workers and is a great friend to all RSI staff, families and students. RSI is so grateful to have her on their team!
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