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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

RSI Family Adventure 2018 – Washington D.C.

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson
Each year, the Renascence School International plans a family adventure field trip, and this year was Washington D.C.! It was wonderful to see the older students take care of the younger students throughout the time together! RSI kids participated in Kite Flying Day during the National Cherry Blossom Festival and the California kids pulled out their winter coats and made the most of the cold weather!
Mr. Mizera acted as the tour guide and took the team of students and parents to many museums and memorials, as well as Congress, the White House, and Mt. Vernon. Students soaked up the history, learning about many of America’s scientific developments and witnessed the glorious architecture that is abundant in Washington D.C.
Students tasted new cuisine, and enjoyed meals where powerful politicians dine. This was a memorable trip for all! Now the excitement is building for RSI’s next family adventure field trip to China!
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