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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Renascence students let their imaginations soar

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson

RSIOC students enjoyed two incredible field trips.  The L4 & L5 students enjoyed a trip to Pretend City to expand their imagination through pretend play.  Among some of the chosen pretend occupations there were firefighters, doctors, race car drivers, fishermen, actors and actresses.  Everyone had such a fun time learning, playing and connecting.

The L10 and up students participated in ‘Imaginology’ at the Orange County Fair Ground.  It was an amazing experience for all.  The event was enormous.  Students visited a booth on how to use recycled items for art creation. There were model trains/planes, cow milking stations, prehistoric animals, soap/wood crafts, cartoon making, and 3D printing,  just to name some of the remarkable events. Some students also had a chance to learn how to tie knots and rescue an injured person from a sea cadet.   Others had a chance to learn about electricity and helped to build a city using anything they could imagine to the benefit of the citizens of this imaginary city.  During this field trip imaginations were soaring and students and teachers bonded even more outside of the classroom as they enjoyed being goofy and laughing out loud together!

Renascence_field_trip_private_school_a Renascence_field_trip_private_school_2 Renascence_field_trip_private_school_5
Renascence_field_trip_private_school_1 Renascence_field_trip_private_school_f Renascence_field_trip_private_school_4
Renascence_field_trip_private_school_7 Renascence_field_trip_private_school_12 Renascence_field_trip_private_school_h
Renascence_field_trip_private_school_d Renascence_field_trip_private_school_11 Renascence_field_trip_private_school_8
Renascence_field_trip_private_school_13 Renascence_field_trip_private_school_g Renascence_field_trip_private_school_20
Renascence_field_trip_private_school_9 Renascence_field_trip_private_school_10 Renascence_field_trip_private_school_c
Renascence_field_trip_private_school_b Renascence_field_trip_private_school_18 Renascence_field_trip_private_school_15
Renascence_field_trip_private_school_3 Renascence_field_trip_private_school_l Renascence_field_trip_private_school_16
Renascence_field_trip_private_school_17 Renascence_field_trip_private_school_14 Renascence_field_trip_private_school_k
Renascence_field_trip_private_school_i                       Renascence_field_trip_private_school_j
Renascence_field_trip_private_school_m                       Renascence_field_trip_private_school_e
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