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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Renascence School takes part in the California Great Shake Out!

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson cover1

The Renascence School International teachers, staff, and students participated in the California Great Shake Out last Thursday to practice what to do in the event of an earthquake. As soon as the emergency bell rang, the students from PreK to elementary all covered their heads and got under their desks for the Duck and Cover exercise.
Next, in a very orderly manner, the students made their way outside and the teachers took roll while the sweepers swept through the classrooms. Included was a demonstration of how to handle an injured person if someone has to be left behind. The whole event was a big success! The students will have earthquake and fire drills every six months. RSIOC practices preparedness!

rsioc_earthquake_drill6   rsioc_earthquake_drillc    rsioc_earthquake_drill5

rsioc_earthquake_drill3   earthquake    rsioc_earthquake_drill1

rsioc_earthquake_drill2 rsioc_earthquake_drillb   rsioc_earthquake_drill4

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