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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Renascence School kids have fun learning about Water Conservation

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson
Renascence School International C7 & C8 students participated in the Water Education Festival at UC, Irvine. The students learned about the importance of conserving water and how the drought is affecting California. The kids enjoyed putting on their on the detective hat to locate the source of a water spillage and creating environmentally friendly vehicles using discarded trash items. They also took part in a couple games to experience the importance of water in the animal kingdom. It was a beautiful day at a gorgeous outdoor setting with incredible blooms on the trees. Everyone had so much fun and learned a lot. Thank you teachers/staff and parents who made the field trip possible!
renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_a renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_10 renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_6
renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_5 renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_d renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_4
renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_2 renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_7 renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_e
renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_8 renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_h renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_11
renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_f renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_1 renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_9
renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_g    renascence_school_field_trip_water_conservation_c
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  1. What a great opportunity and lesson! So happy awareness of our state’s situation is passed down to the kids.

    Comment by Kamber Lamoureux — April 7, 2015 @ 8:59 pm

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