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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Renascence School International Valentines

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson cover
The Valentines Day celebrations at the Renascence School are always full of fun and laughter.  The students celebrated Valentine’s Day in English and Spanish class. They enjoyed a card and gift exchange. The students also wrote a love note to their parents in Spanish!


Renascence_private_school_valentines_daya Renascence_private_school_valentines_day6 Renascence_private_school_valentines_day3
Renascence_private_school_valentines_day2 Renascence_private_school_valentines_daye Renascence_private_school_valentines_day5
Renascence_private_school_valentines_day1 Renascence_private_school_valentines_day4 Renascence_private_school_valentines_dayd
Renascence_private_school_valentines_dayb Renascence_private_school_valentines_day7 Renascence_private_school_valentines_day8
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