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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ho, Ho, Ho! Renascence School celebrates the winter holidays

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson cover
It is a magical and special moment for a child to sit on Santa’s lap, and give him their Christmas wish list. This year, at the 2014 Holiday Party, the Renascence School students had this opportunity. Many special memories were made. The 2014 school year ended  with a festive and joyous holiday party for all of the staff, students and their families. The were also student performances followed by a potluck brunch. This was a wonderful time to celebrate the joys of the season!
Renascence_school_winter_party_c Renascence_school_winter_party_8 Renascence_school_winter_party_2
Renascence_school_winter_party_11 Renascence_school_winter_party_d Renascence_school_winter_party_10
Renascence_school_winter_party_8 Renascence_school_winter_party_1 Renascence_school_winter_party_b
Renascence_school_winter_party_a Renascence_school_winter_party_9 Renascence_school_winter_party_4
Renascence_school_winter_party_3 Renascence_school_winter_party_e Renascence_school_winter_party_6
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