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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Giving your kids a competitive edge for tomorrow


Chloe and JD have been at Renascence School International, Orange County for almost two years and we can attest that everything at the school is “unprecedented”. We researched almost all the top private schools in OC and all we can say to those parents out there who want to give their kids that competitive edge needed for tomorrow- Look no further!Curriculum is top notch, teachers educated and compassionate. Kids learn about character and dedication. The teachers and directors seem to take the parents concerns, thoughts and suggestions into deep consideration and that means a lot. I stumbled on a PreK teacher sitting with a student one on one helping him with his Chinese counting. It was low key, looked like they were playing- So neat to see! Anyway, holiday party was a BLAST! Evidenced by these pants in the picture! Happy Chinese New Year!
—Submitted by a parent

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