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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Exceeding expectations – 110%


This school deserves six stars because they have exceeded my expectations by 110%. My 7 year old son who had never spoke spanish or mandarin before joining this school 2.5 years ago can now carry a conversation in both languages. My younger son has been going here for one year and the two of them will talk in mandarin or spanish depending on the context. The school is a lot of work for the children, the advanced academics could be overwhelming for some but it is worth the extra effort. My first grader is doing math problems his cousin is doing in second grade (at a different private school which also claims to be advanced) and he is doing it in mandarin! The after school programs are of high quality as well, we have done the piano, art and self-defense. The school is also very safe, they have camera surveillance, class sizes under 15 and a strict sign in and out protocol. We are very pleased with this school and are very glad to have found it when we did.
—Submitted by a parent

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