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Friday, October 25, 2013

Exceeding all expectations

This school is absolutely exceeding all my expectations – and I was expecting quite a bit! In addition to an unparalleled academic program, the teaching staff at RSI is truly committed to the success of our kids every day. Our kids are learning twice as much without the evening homework stress we used to experience in other private schools. Our 5-year-old started Kindergarten this year, and after ONE month she could recite four Chinese poems, name and match characters to ten different fruits, and is doing addition in Chinese.

I was hesitant about putting our older daughter (age 12) in the program because the school is still young and there aren’t as many older kids, but she too is thriving. She had four years of weekend Chinese at ICS, but now she is totally immersed in it every day and is making such speedy progress. The school director, Carrie Mizera, worked hand-in-hand with me to create a custom program so that our older daughter’s classes fit perfectly with her ability and experience in math, science, Chinese, English, and History. Our family loves this school and we’re so glad that the upper levels are opening up so that we can stay here all the way through high school!
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