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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Congratulations C10 students – you are now in middle school!

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson

What a year this has been! Thank you to all of our RSI family for making this year so special and so successful despite some very BIG challenges! RSI’s graduating C10 class gathered on the last day of school. A promotion ceremony was held using proper social distancing and protection, and students were able to get together and celebrate this special day. It was a proud moment for RSI staff and teachers to see the poised and confident C10 students take the stage to share some of their experiences at RSI! They each had the chance to walk they stage and receive their diploma as an honor for their great effort. After the ceremony select students were honored with the “student of the year” and “most improved” awards. Congratulations to our C10 students on their promotion from elementary school! RSI cannot wait to see you in middle school!

RSI would like to thank ALL our students for their hard work in this especially challenging year. The following students have shown incredible resilience and consistent performance or improvement in both their academics and social emotional strength.

Student of the Year Awards –
Rainn Yeo (C6)
Abigail Holdsworth(C8)

Most Improved Awards –
Jaxson Holcomb (C6)
Wenson Huang (C9)
Nicara Soni (C9)
Jason Chan (C10)
Henry Koch (C12)

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