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Friday, May 31, 2019

Committed to excellence!

This school is the BEST advanced language immersion school in the area. I have done my research and toured all the schools. I found this school to be the best fit for my children. We are in the midst of our 7th year at this school, and we couldn’t be happier!! Our children have grown in leaps and bounds at this school. This is all thanks to the administrators who are committed to shape the school to be the best it can be.

This is a relatively new school, which is always improving in the most positive way each year. As new as this school is, it is the oldest and most established language immersion school in Orange County. The teachers at this school are fabulous. They are committed to excellence in education and they genuinely care about the children. We feel that our children are in safe dedicated hands. Both of our children have had the same teachers for the past few years. They enjoy a calm learning environment with a good community of supporting peers, parents, and teachers.

My children’s grandfather (who was raised in China) has commented numerous times how amazed he is with the depth of the language taught in Chinese. He said the information taught is competitive for the same grade level in China. We are impressed and pleased!! My child reads, writes, and speaks exceedingly well in Chinese. I am amazed at the pages of Chinese that they read for Math, Science, and Chinese literature. We do not speak Mandarin at home, so my children are only able to learn the language at school. I can write with confidence that they are flourishing in the language!! The fact that my children learn Spanish at this school is a bonus.

I actually came to this school for the advanced academics and Chinese immersion. Being in education myself, I am quite particular with the curriculum. This curriculum works! Each year lays a solid foundation. The quarterly assessments allow time for review of material learned during that particular quarter. This is the time when the information is committed to long term memory. The review provides necessary time for my children to assimilate and truly learn the information. My children have light (if any) homework. They are only given homework if their teacher feels they need further reinforcement of concepts learned. I HIGHLY recommend this school where children are the top priority!

– a parent

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