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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Chinese New Year celebrations at the Renascence School

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson
On February 19th, the Chinese teachers shared the Chinese New Year traditions with students at the Renascence School International. This marked the start of a new year in China and the turn of the lunar calendar. The L4 & L5 students made crafts for the Year of the Goat and students enjoyed some traditional food such as mandarin oranges, dumplings, and fish (fish crackers). The L10 students learned the basics of Chinese calligraphy, while the older students learned to make red pockets, a traditional Chinese greeting, with special holiday messages inside.

There was also a dinner held at a local Chinese restaurant where RSIOC parents came together to have a wonderful Chinese New Year dinner together. Special entertainment for the evening was provided by the little dancers from the Renascence School who performed a traditional Chinese folk dance.

Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_b Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_6 Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_2
Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_3 Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Yeara Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_7
Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_10 Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_5 Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_d
Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_1 Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_c Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_4
Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_e Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_9 Renascence_private_school_Chinese_New_Year_8
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