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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

After school fun! Part 1

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson

The Renascence School International wants you to know how much fun the kids are having in the programs that are offered after school. Here is a little peek into the activities and fun that the students have been having this past school year! Next week, look for Part 2 which will give you insight into the types of programs offered for enrichment after school. For example, academic chess, martial arts, Chinese folk dance and more!

Renascence_school_after_School_activities_d Renascence_school_after_School_activities_2 Renascence_school_after_School_activities_3
Renascence_school_after_School_activities_4 Renascence_school_after_School_activities_b Renascence_school_after_School_activities_7
Renascence_school_after_School_activities_6 Renascence_school_after_School_activities_9 Renascence_school_after_School_activities_a
Renascence_school_after_School_activities_e Renascence_school_after_School_activities_10 Renascence_school_after_School_activities_8
Renascence_school_after_School_activities_5 Renascence_school_after_School_activities_c Renascence_school_after_School_activities_6
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