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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A very special RSI holiday tradition

Outside the Box – Christy Johnson

At the Renascence School International being part of a global society is a very important aspect of education. Students develop strong world language skills in the three most spoken world languages, Chinese, Spanish, and English. RSI places an importance on teaching it’s students to become global citizens. This RSI holiday event does that, by raising awareness of other countries and their unique holiday customs and traditions.

For the 2nd annual Holiday Global Awareness event, each class chose a country to learn about, and then decorated their class tree with the theme of that nation. The children made the ornaments during Character Building class and the homeroom parents gave a presentation to their class about the holiday customs of their chosen countries.

In the spirit of holiday giving, and to show appreciation for the men and women in uniform, before winter break the trees and homemade ornaments will be donated to local military families.

A big thank you to the homeroom parents for their hard work and dedication to make this event so special! And yes, that is an upside down tree that you are seeing hanging from the ceiling of the classroom!

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