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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A School that Delivers on Academic Curriculum and Language Immersion!

There were many reasons that we concluded Renascence School International was the best choice for our son but these are the top three:  First, the academic curriculum.  Second, the language immersion.  Third, the value of this program is unbeatable.

We were concerned about sending our son to public schools because he has a late August birthday and our locally assigned school was not a good fit.  The Renascence school had a ‘mid-level’ preppy-k option which would allow him to do more advanced study than traditional preschools but not so challenging that he would get frustrated from being pushed too hard.  After looking at the curriculum from the Renascence school for preschool through first grade we feel as if he will be more than adequately challenged and by the end of first grade be on a superior academic level than any public school has to offer.

The most exciting aspect of this school of course is the Chinese, Spanish, and English immersion.  The exact languages we had wanted our sons to learn.  The children are learning their academics in these three languages and thriving.  We have read the latest studies that say young children are hardwired in their brains for learning language.  The best way to learn a language is to be immersed into it, not by repetition or traditional methods of learning foreign languages.  When we found out that they would learn both the languages and culture from native teachers, we were convinced that our son would be much more competitive in the global marketplace.  It will enable our son to converse, negotiate and travel to many countries without language or cultural boundaries.

When we compared private school tuition’s to the Renascence School we found that they are very competitively priced.  There are programs we have read about in New York City costing three times as much.  Not to mention those schools did not have the Spanish or advanced math and science curriculum found at the Renascence school.

All in all, if our family were to put together a ‘Christmas Wish List’ of everything that we wanted in a school for our son, the Renascence school would have checked off everything on it and then some.

-Mark & Christina

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