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Monday, August 20, 2012

2012 Campus Academic Excellence Awards received from Renascence School International™

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Saturday morning was full of events and recognition for those attending the Orange County campus Academic Excellence Awards. The audience was filled with parents of current and future students who were very happy to see the skills in math, science, history and of course language being exhibited. Before the ceremony, students from the campus recited poems and sang songs in Chinese, English and Spanish. It was great to hear their voices fill the room. It was also nice to see the tangible results from their yearlong work in all levels.

During the ceremonies, Carrie Mizera presented Merit awards to teachers Silvia Zamora, Christine Rogers, and Minru Liu for having all student scores in their classes averaged above 85%. The Excellence award was given to Rong Zhang and Te-Chun Chao  for all student scores in their class’s averages above 95%. Minru Liu also received the Outstanding Contribution award for her efforts and skill in passing two classes above 85%. Renascence School International™ has very strict guidelines in assessing performance. To see such academic gains in scores across all quarterly assessments in an initial year of a school’s opening shows the passion and skills of the teachers and staff.

Also in attendance was Juliann Talkington, Chief Executive of Renascence School International. Talkington presented Carrie and Tom Mizera, Campus Directors, with two corporate awards that acknowledge the hard work by the campus. The 2012 Outstanding Academic Campus award was given for achieving the highest combined scores of all the Renascence School Campuses, as well as the Academic Excellence Award which is given to a campus with average scores of 90% of all students in all subjects.

Tom Mizera talked about the growth over the year, as well as the upcoming plans for the Explore China Trip in June 2013. This is a very exciting trip to bring together campuses from Florida and California in a joint learning adventure. Details of the trip will be available soon, showing yet another reason why the Orange County campus is truly making an impact in K-12 education.

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