Renascence School International
letter-one TOUR
Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision. Although many things can be conveyed with photos, video and print, the only way to really understand what a school is like is to visit in person. Tours can be coordinated around your schedule. At this time you can tour the campus, visit classes and talk with us about your child and your expectations for his or her education.
After the tour, we would be happy to give you admissions paperwork. We will give you an application package if your child is old enough to attend school. If your child is too young to attend school, we will give you a priority list form. If you submit the priority list form your child will be allowed to go through the admissions process during a special period before admissions are open to the general public.
Once you complete the admissions paperwork, return it to the office and we will contact you to schedule an inteview, Don't worry, interviews are not high pressure. We use them to determine your child's social skills and academic level, so we can place him/her in the right classes. In addition, the interview is a great time for us to answer any other questions you might have about the school.
Once the interview is finished, the final step is to secure a space for your child. The amount due varies based on the total cost of the program you select. The costs are included in the application package. Remember many families register early and some classes fill as much at 10 months in advance, so it is wise to start the admissions process early.